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Chinese Jujube are ripe!

by Yingzhe Wang on Sep 17, 2021

Chinese Jujube are ripe!

Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill), also know as Chinese date, is native to China and has been grown and enjoyed for over 4,000 years. The tree is deciduous and is grown as an ornamental fruiting tree that can reach 30–40 feet tall (grown on a standard root stock). Mature trees can produce between 40–100 pounds of fruit per season. Some varieties have spines on their branches and should be handled with care when planting.
The Chinese Jujube fruit is almost round in some varieties and elongated like a kumquat in others. Some people like to eat the Chinese Jujube cultivar green straight off the tree, but most prefer to pick the Jujube fruit when amber spots appear, or even wait until the fruit is completely brown. The Chinese Jujube fruit ripens well on a kitchen counter or in the refrigerator. The Chinese Jujube trees are cold hardy down to -25*F. Chinese Jujube trees are among the rarest of all fruit trees in the U.S., however, in China the Jujube Tree is the most commonly known fruit and rate as popular as the apple tree is in the U.S. The Chinese Jujube fruit can be dried into sweet, tasty snacks that last for weeks, even after no refrigeration.

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