EAPC(USA)Trading Co.,Ltd was born in sunny California.
Since the first day, we have been working hard to providing customers with vast variety of green and healthy products along with the company's vision which are "healthier, more delicious".
For you, we have built up a professional team, after a long period of investigate and research, we have established our own raw material supply chain which carries out selection, R&D, mass production, marketing strategies with absolute satisfactory standards. Later on, we will continue to provide creative and healthy products of the world.

For us, healthy is not only the freshness and salubrious of everything we eat, also the safety guarantees in the whole production process: carefully select fresh ingredients that are naturally grown in season,develop delicious products that accurately meet the needs of customers, utilizing high-tech manufacturing process to reserve the richness, ensuring food safety and hygiene throughout the production process with high-quality manufacturers,design pocket-package to make it convenient for you to consume at any time, and accurately launch into the target market to assist development of the healthy food industry.


We always strive to provide consumers with the safe and healthy products. Healthy food starts with honest ingredients. In order to find the better raw materials, we have traveled worldwide, and after many repeated comparative inspections, we have finally reached strategic cooperation with high-quality industrial parks.
For the purpose of finding the better place of origin, we tripped across the country, and after prudent field visits and data comparisons, we finally reached strategic partnership with local communities and farmers.
These raw material regions are all over the world, but their common features are: far from the city; no industrial pollution; sufficient sunlight; diurnal temperature range; and few pests and diseases.
That's why our products are fresh, safe and highly nutritious. How to let more people enjoy this gift for the nature?
Ultra-processed is definitely a waste. Through advanced food processing technology, we maximize the nutrient content of raw materials and prevent over-processing and additive abuse. After so many foods seasoning experiments, we employ natural and high-grade condiments to explore a variety of wonderful flavors. No matter what flavor you like, you would find your own unforgettable taste here.